Rats and their genetics have been a passion of mine for a long time now. I have had rats for 10 years off and on but have been breeding since 2015. I track all my genetics, health & temperament are the top focus in my breeding. I worked on my line for awhile before starting an official Rattery and offering them to the public. I have no occurenses of tumors or other health issues in my lines. Rats have a short life and it is so important to me that you get to have your baby for as long as possible. You should not have to worry about them passing from anything other than old age after a long and healthy life. All my rats came from very stable and well tempered lines and I have made every stride possible to improve & maintain high quality rats that have only the best temperaments. I can assure you if you get a rat from me you can be confident in their temperament and the fact that you will receive tame rats.

I specialize in dumbo eared rats, Rex is my most common coat type but I have Velveteen & Standard coated as well. Color wise I have many different varieties. I have Silvermane, Mink, Blue, Blue Agouti, Agouti, Pearl, Lilac, Marten, Siamese, Champagne, and Black but many other colors are produced by my rats.

If you reserve a rat from me you will get to watch them grow!! With many updates, pictures, and videos along the way, making sure you are as excited as possible to get your new family member.

I use Double Critter Nations for living quarters & BIN cages as breeding cages & maternity cages. Momma and babies stay in BIN cages until babies open their eyes and then its off to the critter nations. They have chews, hammocks, ledges, and baskets galore. My rats are part of the family, they get daily love and attention. I wait to handle babies extensively until 3-4 weeks old so I can see their true genetic temperament. This allows me to access their natural temperament without a ton of early socialization masking it. After that they do get lots of socialization until they go to their new homes. All the babies will be temperament tested before they leave to ensure you get the most tame and well socialized ratty to add to your home. Whether this is your first time having rats as pets or you're adding to your mischief I would love to help you!